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Just joining this study group--way late, but I'd still like to add in my thoughts on this deck as I'm really taken with it.

You know, I wonder a few things. First, is the Fool a boy? The face looks like that of a girl to me. Second, with the hat on his/her head and his/her head angled as it's angled, it mirrors that of the gargoyle he/she stands on. Third, his/her position, hands in an almost Kung-Fu stance, as if about to attack....

Maybe he/she isn't running away, per se. Maybe he/she is going toward something in particular. The job of Gargoyles was to frighten off evil spirits. Thus, we enter a deck with a Fool boldly leaving the safety of the church, stepping out atop the gargoyle as if wanting to come face to face with the evil spirits that the gargoyle faces every night; The Fool takes on gargoyle stance, as if that will protect him/her. But does he/she know what they're really getting into? Is it foolish to think that by mimicking the gargoyle he/she will fool the spirits he/she is about to encounter?

Maybe the gargoyle isn't the actual cliff. Maybe whatever the Fool thinks he/she sees hovering beyond the gargoyle is the real pitfall; maybe that's lure here, what in other decks is sometimes a butterfly that the Fool is chasing. And there's that dog-like other gargoyle, there to warn the Fool. Trust the gargoyles, they've been tackling such spirits for a long time. They know better than you how to deal with them.

The rest of this deck is all about things that lure us, about supernatural encounters. It's apt to start this deck with the Fool going out on the gargoyle to foolishly meet the supernatural. Are we, perhaps, doing the same and being equally foolish as we take on this deck?
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