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Originally Posted by karenquilter
You guys have to do a lot better than that if you want to de-enable me.
You're just saying that to be difficult.

Originally Posted by karenquilter
1) I like comic books
2) I like anime
3) I like manga
4) I like Japanese culture (movies, books, swords, pottery, fabric, design, poetry, philosophy...)
5) I like LoScarabeo decks
6) I like art
7) I like samurai stuff (see above Japanese list)
8) Being a quilter, ornate or large borders don't bother me.

What's not to love?
1) It's bad comic. Like I said, "the backs look like they got more artistic attention than any of the card fronts which look as if they are the sketches for the real Samurai deck."
2) It's not anime. It's Japanese symbols/imagery done in Western comic style.
3) It's not manga (see #2 for details).
4) It's a cheap imitation of cheap pseudo-Japanese art (see #1, 2, and 3).
5) All of them? Are you a serious I'll-buy-anything-LoScarabeo collector? Then why ask to be deenabled in the first place?
6) It's badly done art (see #1 for details).
7) All of it? Are you a serious hardcore I'll-buy-anything-samurai collector? Then see #5.
8) The borders are distracting, their colors don't harmonize with the color scale of the images (the Majors are even worse than the Minors), in short, they are badly "quilted."

Most of it.

Hope that helps.
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