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Originally Posted by Kissa
I am used to the sturdy cardstock of the Golden Tarot, the real one, by Kat Black also, and i got afraid i would damage the superb Touchstone which looks thinner. I don't poker shuffle but still... Should i just wait for the other edition to come out? Any comment?
There's an amusing negative reference of Golden on Amazon from shortly after it came out, saying that only a 'masochist' would want to use Golden as the card stock was too thick, and they predicted it would quickly go out of print as it was impossible to riffle-shuffle.

Touchstone LE is closer to 'normal' card stock, but there's no need to worry about damaging the card stock I think. As it's a very unusual printing surface, I was a bit worried that it might chip or scratch during use, but my own copy still looks fine. When the Kunati edition comes out, I will probably put away my LE with my other 'collection' decks and use the Kunati one - simply because the LE isn't replaceable though, not because it's particularly fragile.
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