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Well I definitely had imagined reading with them, so if they're too fragile for that purpose, they're largely useless to me. Also, the majors and minors are really different sizes? That certainly precludes reading for the most part (though if they can't be shuffled, I guess it doesn't matter much).

While this isn't enough to take it off my wishlist, I've at least moved it down a few pegs. Some part of me holds out hope that you're exaggerating and it might be semi-readable after all with extra care. Plus, I mean, how cool would it be to have a tarot deck made of wood? I guess I'm still in need of a little more nudging against it! But this is definitely a step in the right direction. Thanks truelighth!

Originally Posted by truelighth
Ok, owner of the Wooden Pirate deck coming to the rescue... I hope . I usually am not that good at de-enabling and very good at enabling .

Yes, I do have the Wooden Pirate Tarot. But I mostly got it to look at and not to read with it. If you are imagining reading with this deck, then take it off your list RIGHT now! (and just wait for the paper version ). The cards are nice, but I would never risk reading with them. I find them way too fragile. The pieces of wood are too thin to shuffle in my opinion and domino shuffling or whatever also doesn't work.
Also, my majors and minors are a different size. Ok, so I bought them separately. But who wants to read with a deck that has different sizes?

Besides it is indeed $500, wether you buy it from TG or from the authors themselves. Just think of how many other decks you can buy from that money.

How am I doing for de-enabling? *grin*
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