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Originally Posted by ilweran
Somebody tell me I don't need a copy of the 3rd Edition Vertigo Tarot. I have the 1st Ed but daren't use it, so I'm thinking if I got the 3rd I could actually use it rather than just admire it, but would I? Or would it just go with the rest of the collection? Would it matter when it's by Dave McKean and I love his art? But then I already have one I can look at. But I think I'd like to use it as well.

I don't know. Help!
No you wouldn't use it. Because the you'd say 'Oh but it is my only copy of the 3rd edition' and stuff like that. You could probably swap your first for several copies of the 3rd.... but I hear you say 'No!' So be honest. You DON'T want to use the deck at all but just admire it from afar. Also, the different editions might fight.

Thank you for the Transparent.... scratches do scare me. But 'beautifully executed Majors'.... hmmmmm.

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