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Below is the current list of IDSers as best I can tell. If I've missed someone or have the wrong deck listed for you, please let me know through PM or here in the thread. Some people are MIA, so I'm not sure if they're still IDSing or not.

Although I didn't think it was necessary, I'm actually studying the Transparent Tarot, so I've added myself back to the list. The Limited Editions of both the Legacy of the Divine and the Silicon Dawn Tarot are (in the process of being) on their way to me. And as much as both decks cost, I'm going to play with them when they arrive. Other than that I don't have any pledges for this IDS.

Current list of IDSers and Decks:
2_Journey - Tarot of the Four Elements
Alamaris Hadar + Visconti
Allure - Songs for the Journey Home
arcana17 - Thoth
cronesayer - Whispering Tarot
crystal09 - Quest
DreamWalker - Inner Child Cards
easternsunrise - Llewellyn
Emily - Liber T/Lenormands
Faolainn Storm - Arthurian Tarot Hallowquest
Hemera - Legacy of the Divine
hshaffery - Tarot of the Magical Forest
Jamil - Robin Wood
jema - Tarot of the Spirit
Jyscal - Rider Waite and Angel Oracle
Kilted Kat - Hadar
Mariana - Anna K
Mateo - Hanson Roberts
MistressNatasha Gilded
Nina Robin Wood
NoelleNoey - Mystic Faerie
Onyx - Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn
PolarBear - Llewellyn Tarot (continuing)
Prism Medieval Enchantment
Promise Touchstone?
Quantum James - Liber T
quiet0ne - Victorian Romantic + Osho Zen
rwcarter Transparent Tarot
Skydancer - Voyager (trimmed)
sravana Shining Woman/Tribe
Sunemi - Victorian Romantic
sweet_intuition - Tarot of Dreams
teomat - Halloween
vee - DruidCraft
vhrsn - Voyager Tarot
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