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The 10 of Pentacles, it has always seemed to me in this deck, is about the difference between material and spiritual/ emotional wealth. So the old man has the money.... but the young couple have the happiness (at the moment). I believe the old man is jealous, and may even try to prevent the happiness he sees 'if I can't have it NO-ONE can'.

The 10 of Cups, I see the daughter as feeling neglected and unhappy looking in to a family she feels excluded from. The father looks to me like he wants to possess rather than support, some darkness I feel and perhaps a tendency to cruelty. One of the saddest things I heard was the question (from a class of 5-7 year olds) "Why do adults ignore children when there is a baby in the room?" Some felt that it was like when they got a new toy, the old was discarded. One boy didn't feel like this and said so... but this really challenged everyone else.

10 of Swords, yes I love this card. I had it the other day as 'Secret Fear' (the spread in the book). Everything has stopped for grief, the world of the girl is 'at an end'. But.... life does go on...

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