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The 10 Pentacles - Perhaps this is a card that suggests that not all happiness is found in material things, and when and if you acquire them, are they enough to give you a full and satisfying life? The couple may only have what they carry but perhaps they have given meaning to their existence, while the man may have a whole lot more materially but is he happy?

10 Swords - This cards image leaves you in no doubt that something has come to an end, and although it is a sad depiction it is also a beautiful depiction again for a dark deck, I find this card not very dark. Notice in the sky the dark and ominous clouds but just breaking through is some sun light that makes the clouds appear a little pink this to me seems to symbolise that out of darkness comes light. The grave itself bears green growth and white flowers which again could symbolize here the potential for growth, with reflection and illumination. The pink may well represent love and show the healing that can be achieved when we accept that sometimes there are tragedies in life or that things cannot always stay the same, whether it be in relation to a job, or a person.

This card seems to definitely emphasize the sorrow aspect of the swords deck, but it is also a reminder that we need to move through that sorrow in order to have the opportunity to start again.

10 Wands I've just done a write up on this card on my blog here's an extract from what I said;

I don't think this old lady really represents the Devil here but she does look a bit sneaky doesn't she! Perhaps the darker side of this card warns against doing something that is not all together above board, it may just be saying that you think you can get away with it, but can you? It could also be alerting you to somebody who is coming into or who is already there in your life, who may just not be what they appear to be perhaps someone is in disguise for some other reason that is not honest.

This dark side says to you think before you take on something that may just turn out to be a big burden!

Or quite simply there are consequences for actions that you take, are you prepared to face them

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