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Peace restored!

Originally Posted by HoneyBea
10 Swords - This cards image leaves you in no doubt that something has come to an end, and although it is a sad depiction it is also a beautiful depiction again for a dark deck, I find this card not very dark. Notice in the sky the dark and ominous clouds but just breaking through is some sun light that makes the clouds appear a little pink this to me seems to symbolise that out of darkness comes light. The grave itself bears green growth and white flowers which again could symbolize here the potential for growth, with reflection and illumination.
Excellent point! There are few cards in this dark deck that seem to have a "silver lining" as it were, and it's ironic that this one does. Given the deck, which is all about the supernatural, and tends to hold the sinister suggestion that death is not the worst that can happen to you, any card that has just death as the end can be seen as positive!

This is the one card in which there is no hint that the person is anything but dead, passed on, no lingering with supernatural forces. The lighting, the cross, the greenery, even that beautiful woman honestly grieving, all suggest a very clean and untainted conclusion.

It's ironic because the 10/Swords is usually a disturbing card, viewed with dread. But in this deck, it's a card that suggests, literally and figuratively, resting in peace. We image that it might well be the grave of a vampire hunter, or the one who broke a spell or cleansed a haunted house or drove out a demon. However badly the end, the card seems to say, it was bravely met. The one who died was on the right side, may even have succeeded, and the grieving woman is not going to be haunted by an evil spirit.

Very apt for a card about troubles (the swords) ending (abet violently) and mental peace restored.
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