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Originally Posted by Nightgarden
I don't know why, but for me the couple are brother and sister. She looks like a kid to me.
Interesting thought. Having them as siblings certainly emphasizes that idea of continuing the family, which 10/Pents is very much about. It contrasts the single old man who seems to have no family. Or, rather, seems to be living with the ghosts of his family.

I do keep coming back to the usual 10/Pents meaning of legacies, what parents pass down to their children. I think the message is less: "money can't buy me love" and more about family inheritances, be it the old man's grand house, or the young man's meger bundle. These are not, as with the 10/Wands, burdens, but rather family legacies.

Perhaps the real question in this card is, "What do you want future generations to hold onto?" A grand but likely haunted house, or a small bundle of treasured keepsakes as well, in this case, as the living legacy of our siblings? The old man's house blazes with light and heat, but is likely full of cold, frightening memories and scary ghosts. The siblings out in the cold and dark, carry with them warm memories.

Neither money nor things can buy love; but there are "things" that we associate with our past, and treasure for generations. Things that remind us to love our siblings and stay together as a family, no matter what hardships we're facing. Far better to be warmed by such living legacies, then keep cold company with the dead--as the old man seems to be doing.
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