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Originally Posted by HoneyBea
Ten of Pentacles seems to be a card that expressess the feeling that its ok to enjoy those things that you have in life, but not necessary to do it in a materialistic sort of way - it seems to be a card that pin points the relationship between those tangible things and our being human.
Obviously, what you see in a card you see and I won't argue that. But technically speaking--and I mean given the usual meaning of the card--the 10/Pents really doesn't refer to this. The 10/Cups is all about enjoying family, life, and non-material love and relationships. 10/Pents is about not only enjoying all the wealth that you've accumulated, but making sure that it continues on as a legacy to others. That legacy doesn't have to be inheritance, it can be creating a charity or a hospital wing, sharing your wealth to make others happy--which is where the spiritual "ten" aspect comes in. It still involves using *money* to do the "human" thing--because it is the suit of pentacles. The spiritual here does not suggest surrendering or ignoring that money or materialistic goods in order to be human, but rather making use of it so that something of your generous spirit continues on after your are gone.

I think, in this card, that it's important that the poor couple is carrying a bundle with them. If they had nothing, then I might go with what you're saying. But this isn't the 5/Pents which discusses poverty or having nothing and surviving on spirit. I would personally see it as different types of keepsakes and legacies rather than an anvil over the head reminding me that: "the best things in life are free."

I could be wrong, but this deck seems far more complex than that.
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