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Palmistry Study Group : the Heart line

The heart line begins beneath the pinkie finger and travels towards the first (Jupiter) finger, usually in a upward sweeping path.

One of the first things I notice when reading the Heart line is whether it's joined to the fingers. If it is, this is a person who relates well to others, is probably not shy, and in general can emotionally attach themselves to others with a certain amount of ease.

Those whose Heart lines do not meet the fingers are usually withdrawn emotionally, and would probably call themselves "guarded" when it comes to their personal relationships. They may also have difficulty expressing their own emotions to others.

The ending point usually falls in line somewhere between the first and second (Jupiter and Saturn) fingers. If it ends right between the two fingers, it is a sign of a very emotionally balanced person.

If it ends under the first (Jupiter) finger, it's usually a sign of an emotionally idealistic person, or (in my own experience) a sign of someone who is overly concerned with "fairness" in relationships. What I mean by this is they may be the type who hold every action and reaction in a relationship on a scale and are overly preoccupied with "balancing" issues. (Example, "I picked up dinner, therefore you ought to ...." kind of statements). They are always "pointing," in other words.

If it ends beneath the middle (Saturn) finger this is traditionally a sign of a more emotionally selfish person. I see it very differently though. The Saturn finger, to me, is a real power finger. There's no doubt we understand that in our verbal hand gestures. People with Heart lines that end here are often "power freaks" in relationships, they feel they have to always maintain control, or the "upper hand" in any relationship. They are also usually very guarded people, in my experience.

A shallow Heart line is indicative of a person who does not allow themselves to feel things "deeply." Conversely, a deep line indicates a person with deeply felt emotions. Sometimes you'll see folks with lines that look *etched* they're so deep. These can be overly emotional to a fault.

Chains on the line indicate times of emotional detachment. If the chains are large enough to suggest themselves as being "islands," this indicates a person who "shut down" or emotionally withdrew significantly at certain points thus far in life.

A fork on the Heart line is an indication this person is able to see "both sides" of emotional matters when dealing with them.

Those with tridents or lots of branches on the Heart line may be overly swayed by their emotions, and others' opinions of what they should do, emotionally. It's like they have too many inputs coming in, too many views always being considered.

I find that if many branches reach down, towards the Head line, it's a sign of someone whose emotions "live in their head." They may be inclined to analyzing emotional matters in a more intellectual way.
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