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Originally Posted by Thirteen

I'm merely saying that I think interpreting it as meaning "value friendship etc. over wealth" is a little narrow for my tastes. The reason why I say this is because authors who I greatly respect put it this way when they view the 10/Pents: "The Lord of Wealth": ...material gain so vast it may lose it's importance." Or as the Thoth deck puts it, "When wealth accumulates beyond a certain point, it must either become completely inert and cease to be wealth, or call in the aid of intelligence to use it rightly."
Well I think we can all agree that Pentacles represent money as the tangible, because that is something readily recognised, and also agree that Money has no value just sitting there, it is what you do with it that has value, that seems to be an underlying theme of Pentacles.

And I think this is the last thing I have to say on this - thanks for your insights , a different point of view is always welcome.
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