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10 of Wands. . . the very first impression I had of this card, even before I noticed the shadow on the wall (there are some cards I've had to use my lighted magnifying glass to see all detail) was that the look on her face would send me screaming into the night. She wants to share what's in that bag with someone, unlike the "lighter" interpretation of the card. . .someone who feels overburdened but is not asking for help. She's just dying for someone to come up and ask to help her carry that load.

10 of Cups. . . his whole family wants to run screaming into the night, except the baby can't, so he just zoned out. (Seriously, that baby looks half dead to me - like a "failure to thrive" baby.) Mom is just waiting for DH to turn his back so she can run out the door with the kiddos.

10 of Swords. . . I agree that this card seems to be the least representative of dysfunction on the surface. But there's a considerable amount of plant growth around the grave marker, so I have to wonder how long our lass has been coming there and crying her eyes out. Some losses take longer than others to get past, but my overriding impression is that this woman is stuck in her grief.

10 of Pentacles. . . For me, this card is about security and how one defines it. Although there is an ominous tone to the scene, I think the old man is jealous of the young couple. They have security he has never been able to find, because he's been looking in all the wrong places. He's remembering what could have been.

Even his dog has wandered out the door when he opened it. Perhaps he has spent his life so preoccupied with amassing material wealth that he failed to pay attention to the most important of legacies, and as a result, has no one to whom he can leave all that "stuff." I think probably most of us know someone like that, and when we think of that person, we make a vow to ourselves that we must never become that person.
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