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Scary or disturbing?

I've just received my BG Deck and I got it because I thought it was hauntingly beautiful.
For me, I don't see any scary cards - they are very powerful and hypnotic.
The most disturbing one, just because of what it implies, is the Devil.
Other posts here have made reference to the Devil being male but it looks female to me.
The most horrifying, disturbing, malevolent, pure evil thing a woman can do is turn away from her light side of loving, nurturing, caring and to abuse the trust that women have been given as life givers, caregivers/nurturers. This card reveals destruction at it's worst; trust gone so wrong. The addicted woman looks so dependent and in need of the Devil - and isn't that what addiction does to us?
I can't think of a better Devil card - RWS has nothing on this!
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