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Manga Tarot: Thoughts on actual use?

Hiya! I checked with Sulis to see if general study/discussions is allowed for a deck study and got her permission... so here I am. I've been feeling especially connected with the Manga Tarot recently, but I'm also noticing some quirks about it and got a bit curious as to how you're all reacting to the deck as a whole when it comes to reading. In short, I have found this deck to be very vocal about how it wants to be read...

Here are some of my thoughts- please do share yours too!

Reversals or not?
I know everyone has different preferences in terms of reading with reversals or not, but for those who do... have you been using reversals with this deck? The LWB doesn't really talk about reversals, nor does it have reversal meanings and quotes for the individual cards. Yet, the back of the cards are clearly designed to be read with reversals if you so choose. My question is, how have you been reading it?

Personally, I use reversals with some decks and some I just don't. For the Manga, though, I simply can't seem to do so even if I wanted to. I've been studying the individual cards a lot recently... and each time I flip it upside down for a look, I just end up frowning at it. It just feels wrong and it's like my mind goes blank. :S Has anyone been getting this feeling too? I'm wondering if it's because the cards are all so expressive and story-telling as it is that when it goes upside down, it just doesn't make sense to me anymore. I've used reversals with other "expressive" decks before though... so I'm not entirely sure what the problem is for this one.

Or on the other hand, if you do use reversals with this deck... how is it going for you?

Preference in reading:
Anyone else noticed how expressive (yes, I'm overusing this word) this deck can be when it comes to love or relationship-type readings? Maybe it has to do with the art, but I'm finding that this deck is slowly becoming reserved for most relationship type of readings. Perhaps it's psychological, but this deck doesn't do as well for me when I'm reading general stuff or business issues. It keeps wanting to talk about feelings, relationships, and interactions! Even when I do dailies with it, it just wants to tell me about how my mood will be or how my interactions with others will be for the day. lol...

Which reminds me... I've been thinking about starting a daily draw thread for this deck (thought with how insistent this deck is on its preference, I might be doing dailies in specific to people interactions only). Would anyone else be interested in the daily draw?
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