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Originally Posted by Ocean Light
Personally, I use reversals with some decks and some I just don't. For the Manga, though, I simply can't seem to do so even if I wanted to. I've been studying the individual cards a lot recently... and each time I flip it upside down for a look, I just end up frowning at it. It just feels wrong and it's like my mind goes blank. :S Has anyone been getting this feeling too? I'm wondering if it's because the cards are all so expressive and story-telling as it is that when it goes upside down, it just doesn't make sense to me anymore. I've used reversals with other "expressive" decks before though... so I'm not entirely sure what the problem is for this one.
I don't read reversals myself. However, if I did read reversals, I don't think I'd want to with this deck. The images in this deck feel more dynamic, less static, than what's found in most decks. It's like the difference between a posed painting and a frame from a movie scene. I could see myself flipping a painting upside down to get a different perspective on it, but flipping a frame upside down in a scene would feel disruptive to the natural flow. I'm not sure if this is making any sense, but that's my take on this.

Anyone else noticed how expressive (yes, I'm overusing this word) this deck can be when it comes to love or relationship-type readings? Maybe it has to do with the art, but I'm finding that this deck is slowly becoming reserved for most relationship type of readings. Perhaps it's psychological, but this deck doesn't do as well for me when I'm reading general stuff or business issues. It keeps wanting to talk about feelings, relationships, and interactions! Even when I do dailies with it, it just wants to tell me about how my mood will be or how my interactions with others will be for the day. lol...
This deck works fine for me for general readings. But as I've mentioned before, this deck has a gentle and non-threatening feel to it, which are qualities I look for in a deck for relationship readings.

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