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Bohemian Gothic - The Devil

First I like the red hair and red dress- tradition.
I have been thinking about this card due to a group hypnosis class I have been taking for loosing weight.
It seems like with addictions something in life that has happend to us or emotional pain may cause us to stuff and smother our feelings. Some addictions of course are more difficult than others to break but it is our free will that gets us into trouble - we make the wrong choice.
This Devil has no chains at all. Some, like the RW deck show chains intact
but the chains only have to be shed by the wearer like a shirt or item of clothing to be removed.
I see the devil card as making the choice to be held on to things that we feel are self destructive or getting in the way of our progress from coffee drinking (if we feel it is a problem),exercising, heroin or what ever. We can seek the help we need but for somereason living in the past and not in the present we put it off one more day until tomorrow and continue the behaviour. So the Devil to me is not really an entity it is ourselves. We are put on this earth to progress and learn from our mistakes.
Usually this card can be good for sexual relationships- possibly encouraging some behaviours some folks may not approve of (think of Victorian!) although this card has such a dark side it may point more to sexual addictions and deviation. hmm..
Just rambling..
A grateful alchoholic and multiple addicted person trying hard to evolve
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