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Quantum Tarot; Emperor

This card is riddled with turquoise, one of my favorite colors, and has a particularly vertical composition. He has his ear to both the tomis and the universal, yet something blocks part of his vision. There is a star cluster which could be seen as a feather emerging from the side of his head.

We know this cat to be the chief in charge, male side of the potent EE duo. Not a dude to take lightly, or trifle with. Let's crack the tomb.

OK, he's associated with the strong force: the power that makes subatomic particles adhere and form matter. This force is as prevalent and needed in our universe as the emperor force inside us suggesting we eat something before heading into the storm, and moreover, that shoes would be a good idea.

Emperor power is water we swim in daily; our relationship to this essential boss voice within is important: it informs outer authority interactions.
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