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Bohemian Gothic Tarot - The Tower

I. Love. This. Card.

When we draw The Tower in other decks, we usually are given an image of a crumbling tower, sometimes with flames seen shooting from parts of it.

There's a tower in this image, too. But I don't see that it's been harmed. This card goes beyond the customary damage and destruction of a formerly solid construct (something easy to read from a mundane interpretation as well) and takes us into the depths of our minds.

What I see are the two gargoyles - one whose throat has been pierced by a lightning bolt. . .which has gone on to zap the other one on the top of his head.

A sudden flash of illumination. Unspeakable revelations. (He's trying to scream - haven't you had those nightmares?)

In a flash, you can see what's been hidden in the dark. If you watch long enough, there will be another brief flash in the storm - if you are brave enough to open your eyes again.

Are you?

And what will you do about what you see?
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