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Originally Posted by Astraea Aurora
But this movie changed everything because the role of Sweeney Todd is so very much the Knight of Swords! Nothing can stop his vengeance, even not his beloved wife and daughter who he doesn't recognize. He's too much in bloodlust.
Well, yes, but I don't think he's this Knight of Swords, actually. Because he IS motivated by love and revenge, by passion. This Knight/Swords is motivated by sadism. That's very different. Sweeney would NOT be a blood thirsty killer if he was living happily with his wife. This Knight/Swords IS torturing and killing people...and he's probably also going to a nice, cozy home with wife and kids afterwards.

That's a big, important difference. This Knight/Swords needs NO motivation to do what he does. Sweeney needed a big motivation to become and do what he does.

I'd say what you have with Sweeny is the 6/Wands of this deck. Victory at any price. Revenge at any price. A burning anger motivates him, not cold, sadistic pleasure.
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