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Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Variations of this are happening more and more often.

Sometimes when deck images are placed on the internet in their entirety its for simple love of tarot and a desire to share views and comments, and while its still not right, it done innocently.

However this is a sophisticated product done for commercial gain.

So for the record. This product is to some degree at least, illegal. There are decks included on it without permission of the copyright holder, nor was there even a courtesy of that permission being requested.

I don't know what can be done about this trend in general or this case in particular, but I think it might help if as many people who are interested, would write in the site's 'contact us' section and inform them that the tarot community is aware of the morality of their product and for the most part will refrain from buying it for those reasons. Hopefully if they feel it will effect sales they may at least consider legitimizing the product.

Should anyone decide to purchase this software then thats a personal choice, but at least be aware of the ethics involved.

Thank you.
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