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Crystal Tarot card descriptions: Cups

In this deck, the Cups are associated with air, rather than the usual water. They are all chalices, with stems & feet. They are all in yellows, reds, and oranges with ornate geometric designs on them. The backgrounds are all blues and greens, with complex designs.

The Ace of Cups is standing alone. It has a butterfly above it, another butterfly is in the pattern on the bowl of the cup, and a city is held in the cup.

The 2 of Cups has two cups standing side by side, in front of a wreath made of roses. The cup on the left has a crescent moon on its stem, the cup on the right has a sun.

The 3 of Cups has the cups arranged in a triangle, with the horizontal cup’s foot to the left. There is an egg in the center of the triangle, and a butterfly above the apex of the triangle. The background repeats the triangular shape in shades of blue and green. There are flowers in the upper corners of the card, and more flowers in the tiles that the bottom cup rests upon.

The 4 of cups has two cups side by side, a horizontal cup below them with its foot to the left, and another horizontal cup above them, with its foot to the right. There is a large egg behind the two vertical cups, and the design is framed by wheat stalks on the left, and fruit on the right.

The 5 of Cups has a “woven” 5-pointed star in the middle, reminiscent of the 5 of wands. Flanking the star are vertical cups on each side, and one beneath it. Above the star are two cups tilted inwards. Perched on the star are three birds, with butterflies in the upper corners of the card. There are flowers in the background.

The 6 of Cups has two vertical cups in the middle, with their bases together. There are two more cups tilted inwards both above and below the center two cups. The design is mirrored on the horizontal axis. The background has four half circles, their straight sides bounded by the four borders of the card. Two of the circle edges touch the bases of the two center cups, the other two circle edges touch the mouths of the center cups. There are flowers (tulips?) in the background.

The 7 of Cups has three cups on the top, and four cups beneath them. The three cups have a center cup, with two cups tilting in towards the center, floating to each side and above the center cup, like the top half of the 6 of Cups card. The four cups on the lower half have a horizontal cup on the bottom, its foot to the left, a vertical cup to each side of it, and another horizontal cup on the top, with its foot to the right. This is reminiscent of the 4 of Cups, only the cups are more spread out on the horizontal axis. In the background is a big wreath of chrysanthemums, with 4 smaller circles of chrysanthemums in each corner.

The 8 of Cups references the 6 of Cups. It has the same arrangement of 6 cups, mirrored on the horizontal axis, with the addition of a horizontal cup on each side of the axis, each with its foot facing in towards the center. The background is the same as the 6 of Cups, with the 4 half circles behind the cups.

The 9 of Cups references the 7 of cups, with three cups above the other four. There are 2 more cups, each vertical, and each floating above a vertical cup in the lower part of the design. The background is the same, with circles of chrysanthemums.

The 10 of Cups references both the 7 and 9 of Cups. It has an additional cup in the center of the lower 4 cups, with its foot to the right, and tilted with its mouth downwards. The background is the same, with circles of chrysanthemums.
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