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The yearly course is structured seasonally. So Spring is the Swords, Summer is Spears, Autumn is Grails and Winter is Stones. The cards are studied in the following order:
Ten (plus a solstice/equinox ceremony)
Maiden, two & three
first major
Knight, four & five
second major
Queen, six & seven
third major
King, eight & nine
fourth major
fifth major
"Investiture of the (sword/spear/grail/stone)" and exercises to assimilate the lessons

The major arcana are divided between the four seasons (in order they are studied):
Spring: White Hart, Round Table, Cauldron, Moon, Lady of the Lake
Summer: Prydwen, Sovereignty, Green Knight, Sun, Arthur
Autumn: Gawain, Wounded King, Spiral Tower, Sleeping Lord, Guinevere
Winter: Taliesin, Grail Hermit, Washer at the Ford, Star, Merlin.
(this is related to the "Land of Logres" map, p 118 of "Hallowquest: Tarot Magic and the Arthurian Mysteries")

The Seeker in the Wasteland and the Flowering of Logres are studied before the rest as part of "preparation for the quest".

If you are looking for the course book, there are two different versions. Both have the full year long course, but the second book has some of the "Hallowquest: Tarot Magic and the Arthurian Mysteries" (note it is only some of the information, not all). Because of this it is a more complete read, but as you already have that book, you may find it repetitive. However I have a feeling the second book may be easier to find.
The two books are:
"The Arthurian Tarot Course: A Quest for All Seasons", isbn 1-85538-258-X, yellow book with Sovereignty on the front.
"Hallowquest: the Arthurian Tarot Course", isbn 0-7225-3448-5, big blue book, with Lady of the Lake on the front.

Feel free to PM me if you want any more information.

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