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Hello all,
I'm back and starting another IDS, studying the TdM again... and continuing with deck comparisons: Vieville, Hadar, Payen, Dodal, and Svizzera 1804. I guess this is not really an IDS because I'm using 5 different decks, but all of these are pip decks, and I'll be comparing and contrasting the iconography and posting in my Vieville Daily Draws thread. I'll be doing daily draws with Vieville, and reading with the Vieville and the Hadar. I also will be posting in whatever IDS thread is current at the time.

Even with this great variety of decks, I'm sure that I'll have some interest in looking at decks with more pictures ... so I'll allow myself to look at other decks once a week, if I feel the need.

I'm continuing to study Melanchollic's methods, using period-correct elemental correspondences and Pythagorean number theory (as well as I can figure it out!)

I'm starting today (12/29/08) and will continue through the Spring Equinox in March.
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