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Originally Posted by rwcarter
Welcome back sravana!

I'd added you back to the list with "various TdMs". I started to put TdM Mania, but decided to be nice!
Dude, you killed me.
Come to think of it, I probably could get out the Tarot of Bologna and the 1JJ Swiss to this.. oh, and the Balbi and the Minchiate, and what about the Greenwood and Maat... oh and the Universal Waite!! ::pant, pant:: Oops, looks like my manic phase just took hold... j/k.

Actually, if you did put "TdM Mania" in there, someone would probably PM me wondering where I found the Mania Tarot de Marseilles.

ETA: wondering what that would look like... probably with Trumps that are as psychedelic as the Balbi pips...
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