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"And when the 4 is inverted in the posture of the Hanged Man - with the owl also present in the picture - my sense is that the wisdom sought can be gained, but not through conventional means and not without sacrifice or discomfort on the part of the seeker."

Totally! The feeling is of reverent Mystery combined with fear of the unknown but knowing it has to be done anyway for reasons you are not sure of.

"You really get the feeling that there is nothing this person can do to figure out how they got where they got to or what they can do next except to sink deeper into their own mind. The Full Moon and the Owl emphasize it"

To me I notice his head, it is as though he is trying to arch back to look at the ocean, the "once in a blue moon" moment of illumination and enlightenment. It is a very soothing and transformational card. When I see the Owl, combined with the water and the Moon I think of Hecate, Goddess of transformation and the crossroads. The Owl knows that the Hanged Man will make it through his transformation - the Owl stands guard to witness and assist.
The Ocean and the Moon are aspects of the Feminine and the 4 and the Hanged Man are aspects of the Masculine. I believe (not 100% sure about this) that 4 in Sacred Geometry is masculine and represents earth and manifestation?
I just love the blue tinge to the Moon!
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