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Justice Illuminated

I know this is a little late in the post but this is a very enlightening thread.
At work I was faced with this Justice dude. Imagine going to work and having your boss be the Judge, Jury and Executioner all for a bunch of gossips?
This boss is very into Justice, he likes going to court to watch trials as a spectator. The only thing is - what is Justice? What is Truth? At the end of the day who decides what is Just and Fair? Justice is supposed to be impartial, and if someone is holding a smoking gun and a "good" person has been killed Justice is nice and clean and we can feel good about it.
Now think about the Witches who were tried, convicted and burned to death because of what a bunch of gossips said. Think about the McCarthy era and the "witch hunts" that happened in the name of Truth and Justice. In the RWS deck we have a smug, clean cut version of Justice. With the Bohemian Gothic Deck there is a more "truthful" Justice that explores the idea of Justice as a value judgment concept. The Judge dude holding the book doesn't look very happy about being "Just" and I like to think that the figure behind him is "judging" him and challenging his sense of truth.
The candle he holds is a pale light compared to the broad light of day, he holds a red book and in the background there is the glow of red - red being the colour of passion and impetuous decisions rather than the cool blue of impartial decisions.
Very cool card indeed!
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