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Like others, this is the card that drew me to this deck, It's beautiful. I love the suggestion that the two are chained together, that makes sense to me. It feels to me that they are both using each others strengths & power for their own reasons & they seem quite at peace & to me they seem to understand each other, a melding of opposites almost...It reminds me of a situation in my own life at present a little....the lion is big & scary, strong & proud, no one will mess with him because he would rip them apart...but she is there resting upon him because she understands him & how to get close to him, she draws on his power.....She seems quite cold & untouchable & even a little odd, but he knows that she understands his power & that the isolation it brings makes him vulnerable sometimes... & he needs to be understood...
Am I rambling.....
When I saw the mists at the bottom of the card the first thing I thought was they're spirits..... in the bottom right, it looks like the side of someone's head seen from the back & slightly to their left....
I am so enjoying looking through this deck

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