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"It feels to me that they are both using each others strengths & power for their own reasons & they seem quite at peace & to me they seem to understand each other, a melding of opposites almost..."

MM I agree with this! I love this card and am a "newbie" to the BG deck as well. This card reminds me that there is a little "animal" in all of us and a little "human" in animals. I love animals and I think sometime animals are more honourable than humans.
I'm going to have to ponder more, though. I had a friend of mine who was looking through the deck and when he saw the Strength card he remarked, "oh, that is so you!" All the posts have commented on the "demonic woman" and to be truthful I didn't even notice the wings she had, I was so mesmerized by the Lion and her pose. For some reason the people in all the BG cards seem like real people and I'm not scared, although I am a huge sissy when it comes to watching horror films or anything remotely scary.
To me the woman is independent, clever, instinctive very "Xena Warrior Princess" type.
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