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Originally Posted by Thirteen
Thus, we enter a deck with a Fool boldly leaving the safety of the church, stepping out atop the gargoyle as if wanting to come face to face with the evil spirits that the gargoyle faces every night; The Fool takes on gargoyle stance, as if that will protect him/her. But does he/she know what they're really getting into? Is it foolish to think that by mimicking the gargoyle he/she will fool the spirits he/she is about to encounter?
It's the Fool's Journey and the beginning of the deck and I totally agree with you,Thirteen!
It is a beautiful card for the start of the deck - the moon hints at the "lunar" part of the psyche, what we can expect to encounter in this deck. I see the Fool as who we are, taking a step into this deck and exploring the Dark Side to achieve Wholeness. It looks like the Fool is sleepwalking, lost in the Dreams of the Moon and following the unconscious to bring about "enlightenment".
Now I know why I "feel" so much with this deck, Thank you Thirteen!
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