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Fortunately I wrote this post in word so I had a copy saved!

Originally Posted: Friday 9th January
Well Iíve finished my first round of IDS interviews. It was not intended to be a multi-round interview, I had hoped that this first round would reveal a clear winner, but it hasnít. Fortunately it has narrowed the list from ten to four. My results currently stand at:
  • Arthurian (Hallowquest): Inconsistent, varies between chatty and sullen. Wants me to fight for it, which Iím not sure Iím willing to do.
  • Bright Ideas: very talkative, and bluntly honest. However seems like it may be an exhaustive deck to work with for long periods.
  • Cosmic: Again an inconsistent talker. Told me I would be going backwards if I was to IDS with this deck.
  • Dreampower/Merlin: Offers much, wants much; very, very much. Probably too much at this time, more than I could handle.
  • Druidcraft: Much potential, very talkative and greatly enjoys working with me.
  • Faery Wicca: Uncommunicative. Promises much but is reluctant to talk to me about it.
  • Greenwood: Great potential here, however it will require much work.
  • Legacy of the Divine: Very strong possibilities here. Has much to offer including a great sense of humour (asked ďwhat does the deck bring to the partnership?Ē answer: The Devil )
  • Tarot of Dreams: Again, great potential, a good talker with much to offer.
  • [b]Transparent Tarot:[b] Not exactly talkative, gives impressions and feelings rather than words, but a lot of potential.

So I definitely feel a connection with Druidcraft, Legacy and Tarot of Dreams, and Iíve decided to give the Transparent a second shot, because I think that with some time and effort the images will start to speak much more clearly. Particularly as I had a flash of insight about this deck last night. It is (to me, at least) when looked at as individual cards, essential a pip deck, which I donít connect with. When two or more cards are combined it moves from pips to fully illustrated, and then the images begin to really communicate. Although at the moment the communication is still hazy Ė I kinda get the message, but canít always express this in words, but I think this will improve with time.

So this weekend will be spent re-interviewing the cards, simplifying it to three questions:
  • Strengths
  • Limitations
  • Most Important Factor
Hopefully this will help me narrow the list down to one. However, if this does not work, I am willing to give Rodneyís (long, detailed but very, very fair ) selection technique a go (see here for full details).

Hopefully by Monday I will be able to confirm which deck will be this years IDS deck.


Update: Tuesday 13th January
Well I completed the four second round interviews. And, frankly, it hasn't really helped. The results now stand as:
  • Druidcraft: Great strengths and minimal limitations. Presents a challenge, but a really positive challenge. The only real difficulty would be the few places where it and I have different values/natures, then the challenge will be to integrate these differences.
  • Legacy: This deck has much to offer. Not a kind deck when it comes to telling me as it is. Much could be gained from working with the deck and much joy will come from it. No real difficulties.
  • Tarot of Dreams: Great potential. Wants to be approached in a new, fresh way, without old habits and ideas. And doesn't want to be shared or share me.
  • Transparent Tarot: The potential is here, there are minimal limitations - most of them are on my side. Yet I was still not convinced that this deck and I were meant to work together right now. So I asked why I had doubts, and it gave me a fantastic, clear and concise answer. This is a deck that wants to work with others, to be shared and be used to give. I am not in a place right now to be sharing and giving. I am in a solitary mood. Are needs and wants are very different and therefore we are not suited to each other at this time. (CI: 2 cup, six cups and 4 swords).

So I have now narrowed it down to three options. It occured to me today that I could study Legacy and Tarot of Dreams together. I asked them what they thought of this and was told: NO! Legacy gave me the 4 Coins (which had been one of the cards that had turned up in Tarot of Dreams 2nd Interview - seems they're both terribly possessive )

So now I guess I'll have to try Rodney's technique of card comparison, and hope that this gives me a definitive answer.

Will report back when I have a final decision. Hopefully soon. Otherwise this is going to turn into a IDS all about choosing a deck to IDS with.


PS: Sorry for such a long post. I need to vent my frustrations with this process, before I take it out on the decks and just throw them all away .
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