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Bohemian Gothic - Three of Swords

This was one of the cards that caught my eye immediately!

The first thing I noticed was the sidewalk/road leading off the the back of the card, the hazy moonlight filtering through the trees.

Then her face, she looks somewhat passive, but knowing at the same time.

This perfectly matches how I feel and initially cope with sudden blows that are heartbreaking in my life. The sidewalk, immediate future, is shrouded by the filtered moonlight and takes a turn ahead. You cannot see anything, nor would you want to because of the odd situation in the foreground. Almost brooding over what has occurred.

Has the left dove killed the other dove? because of his red breast? Or his he mourning his friend?

Now, on the pillar behind the lady, in the flower and leaves circle, is that a heart? That perhaps has a sword and an arrow, or just two swords through it?
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