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Originally Posted by Debra
I'm disturbed by the direction this thread is taking.

Aside from Gregory helping us all out so unselfishly by allowing us to buy her more decks (what a gal!!!!) I'm not seeing any real de-enabling here.

I'm fairly safe at the moment as I have been buying Baba bags and runes. As may as I can afford, which became more than I can afford rather fast.

Sooooo there really isn't a deck I want right now, but the link to the ERDE deck scared me too. I liked it at first, but the people's faces were yucky.

I go to Tarot Garden when I REALLY want to spend some money. I love that place. They have Baba bags......and the shipping is much less from them.

I am NOT buying anything today. But....this thread is headed into the toilet if we don't look sharp. I need to see someone get really trounced off of wanting a deck.....

I'll go find a few I want later and be back for a good flogging. I expect a lot from you people, and you usually deliver. The Magical Forest one will never look good to me again. Ever.
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