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Originally Posted by sravana
I.C.K. I *hate* Scapini's work. I find it abominable, especially that damned Devil card on the USG ginormous Visconti deck.

His stuff makes me feel like I've either been slimed, or there are tiny bugs crawling all over me.


<grin> You don't need to worry about de-enabling me on Scapini - I've just ordered the last one I'm going to. Already had the Stained Glass, Mediaeval and Lukumi, now I've got coming to me the Bacchus to complete the set. I have a mini-visconti because ... well ... I had to, and I'm not all that crash-hot on tarock decks so his other productions are safe from me.

In all seriousness now, the Bacchus I bought as a challenge.

I'm finding the whole idea of it being in a parcel somewhere wending its way to my place more than a little frightening.

I had a badly-gone, brain-damaged alcoholic partner for a while, and a part of her syndrome was that after the brain-damage reached a certain critical level, she lived in a 100% purely aggressive mode. When you have fairly recent memories of a maniac taking a circular saw to furniture and toothbrushes, or chasing you down the road waving your own axe at you while the neighbours all lock their doors not only against her but against you as well, and when you have to wrestle the cigerette lighter out of her hand when she's splashed your daughter with petrol in bed, then even years after the last time you've seen them, the whole idea of any alcohol in any form at all is challenging; and one of your favourite things (like say Tarot or chocolate) that also incorporates alcohol is one of those things you have to face front-on and not flinch or run away from. One of those deep-down life-challenges.

This is going to be my quietly looked-at, never discussed, personal therapy deck.

Or I'll rip it up in a frenzy and burn the pieces.


Naw, no matter how awful it makes me feel, no matter how icy my blood is in my veins just thinking about its arrival, it's still a Tarot deck, dammit!
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