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Originally Posted by MysticalMoose
It's painless buying you bonuses & extra comission from work gets pre-loaded onto a Visa type card & so its like spending Free-Money! Weyy-Heyyy...
Now we see the sorry state of the Moositus Spenditus. It used to be such a splendid creature . . . an enchanting visitor that filled the soul with majesty and wonder. Now, its coat is tufted with bits of cellophane and ghost doo-doo. (packing peanuts, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term) Its eyes shine with an unholy light. Oh, no! A giant thought bubble rises above its head! What is it saying????

I don't dare repeat it since this is {supposed} to be a de-enabling thread.

Anyone remember Tish from Space Camp? "Whip me, beat me, take away my charge card!"
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