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Originally Posted by gregory
Eat chocolate....

I have just discovered that there were 8 wooden Kashmiris created. This makes it SLIGHTLY more possible. DAMN.

Pass the carrots.

Eek some more - another site says 22.... MAN they are beautiful..... Look !

This is all your fault, Sophos. I would never have looked it up.... I just wanted to know where they ARE, so I can look at a REAL one..... I think at least I know now one place where I can do so....
Dammit, Gregory - I had no idea that the regular Kashmiri was still available! Only 500 Euros!

Okay, after I win the "MegaMillions" Texas state lottery, I'll buy the regular K for myself. And if I have enough left over after taking care of business, I'll find one of those damned wooden ones and buy it for GREGORY! There. You can keep it for me.

I need a bit of OOP-OMG-MUST HAVE de-enabling.
Evidently the Thoth is going OOP or something, perhaps due to an OTO/O.T.O. or a USGames/AGMuller dispute.

I have a small, older copy of the Thoth, but about a year ago I sold my large-size AGM? version. I kept my smaller version (which isn't even on the Tarot Garden Thoth comparison page) because it was my *very* *first* tarot deck. Now I hear that the "new" Thoth is very disappointing, and I'm thinking that I need to get another copy of the "old" Thoth while I still can.

Here's the thing: I don't like the Thoth - I don't use it, and there are very few cards that weren't vastly improved by Negrini/Serio with Liber T. I was going to do my IDS with both decks, but after looking at my Thoth I thought 'no way!'... but I'm still thinking that I need to get a large Thoth. HELP!
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