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Originally posted by amyel
Alissa, when you talk about where the line ends, how do you determine where it ends when it is forked right at the very end and both fork ends stop in roughly the same area? In my case, the split of the fork starts (therefore ending the single heart line) directly under the Saturn finger. But the forks both end between the Saturn & Jupiter finger. So when doing a reading, which point would be considered the end of the heart line?
It's hard to guess without visually seeing, of course, but if I'm picturing this right, you have a Heart line that terminates in an equal length fork, yes?

In this case, I would say this person has difficulty, indeed, with distinguishing their emotions from other's, because both are "equally weighted" in deciding matters of the heart. They give both the same amount of importance when deciding emotional issues.

Where is the end line? I usually interpret the line, or fork branch, that's closest to the finger line as the top, or terminating line for the Heart.

(And, that's funny about your 3rd finger issue showing up ... it's one of those things I just picked up on, and have found extremely accurate when reading!)
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