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Originally posted by Alissa
It's hard to guess without visually seeing, of course, but if I'm picturing this right, you have a Heart line that terminates in an equal length fork, yes?
Yep. Both point upwards between the first & second finger, but stop at roughly the same "vertical level", if you will.

Originally posted by Alissa
In this case, I would say this person has difficulty, indeed, with distinguishing their emotions from other's, because both are "equally weighted" in deciding matters of the heart. They give both the same amount of importance when deciding emotional issues.
I never thought of it that way, but yeah, that sounds about right. When I used to call my mom and tell her about a bad relationship or some other matter of the heart, she'd often comment one of two things (and usually both): "Yes dear, that's a great, detached analysis of the situation, but how do you *feel*???!!!!" and/or "I'm not interested in hearing your interpretation about how *they* might feel, I want to know how *you* feel". tee hee....
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