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Originally Posted by Le Fanu
You only want to buy another Thoth for two reasons;

Firstly, that thread about it being OOP. It isnīt, never will be.

Secondly, that controversial thread about whether the Thoth is really intellectual, and whether dumb people should be allowed to use it. Donīt get carried along on all the "flavour of the month" Thoth threads right now. There are quite a few. Rise above them.

And anyway, werenīt you wallowing in Marseilles less than two weeks ago? Bit fickle...
Well, it's a wee bit more complex than that (isn't it always?). I'm going to be taking jmd's course starting in March, and I knew that I'd need a break before that. So I signed on for an IDS with Shining Woman (which didn't last), and then I switched to Liber T/Thoth. Now, perhaps I was nudged in that direction by something I read here - yes, now that I think about it, I was - but I do have a handful of Thoth-derived decks: Thoth, Liber T, Cosmic, Light and Shadow (in order of perceived 'purity' to that Thoth tradition, lol) - and I did have a lovely large-sized beautifully-printed Thoth that I sold a while back.

Now, while Thoth will always be available, I keep hearing that the newer printing (out of Germany?) is *much* worse. So if I don't buy the OOP version now, it will only be much more expensive in the future!

(I'm enabling myself here, guys...)
Originally Posted by gregory
This is true. I thought she was a TdM fundamentalist, me..... Let's shoot her
Ouch! Stop that! I've got enough of a world of hurt going on right now - my thumb started triggering (due to trying to shuffle my Vieville into submission a while back), and I finally saw an MD yesterday.

She said: "you can have a steriod shot or you can have surgery".

I'm now on a 2-week sick leave, and with my thumb in a splint (after opting for the shot) I CAN'T SHUFFLE THE WAY I ALWAYS HAVE!!!

So... I really, really, really, need to find that large Thoth!! You know - retail therapy!
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