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Originally Posted by gregory
It's the size of your average LS deck. The pip cards are.....


Al the cards are double headed.

HERE are some images. They are a king and three of the MAJORS, for pity's sake. It is a game deck, pure and simple.

I assume you have now gone off it ???

I HOPE so ! This is a genuine de-enable ! Even I would NEVER have bought it for myself, pretty though the flowers are.

However if your finger is REALLY twitchy for it, Somerville has it for less

You WILL regret it.
Well, I'm in the US, so Somerville wouldn't be as good of an option.
Thanks for the link - while I do love the majors as flowers, I thought that the face cards might be in the Nouveau style. but no, just the same grumpy King as in a regular playing card deck. I HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY DEENABLED!!!
Originally Posted by Debra
Cards are "in" today and it seems that everything that has at least 20 concepts is available as a set of cards (check your bookstores and toy stores and you'll see what I mean). Once you go from tarot to oracles to playing cards you might as well be collecting anything.

I started down that road and stopped fast. What's the point.
I do have a handful of playing cards that I like (I'll refrain from mentioning them here in the de-enabling thread...), but you're right. One could go absolutely nuts collecting playing cards.

So, I ordered the Thoth, and didn't order the French Nouveau tarok. (but I also ordered the on-sale Universal Wirth from TG OMG)

Selling tarots doesn't work - the paypal money just burns a hole in my pocket and I buy more. sheesh. (though I did manage to make a nice transfer to my checking before I bought any more!)
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