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Originally Posted by Thirteen
Ohmygawd! I finally got a chance to really, really examine this deck. The Empress is facing a skeleton...but it's not her dead husband, or the girl's real mom, or death....If you examine it right, you'll find it'
Holy Freakin' Muskrat! Okay...compose myself I hadn't seen that at all! I kept wondering about this card, being lazy here lately, but since I wasn't immediately turned on by this card I passed over it. I'd see it and try to work it out, but didn't know where to turn. OH MY Goodness. If you hold the card parallel in front of you, then the breast plate and ribs of the skeleton are directly on point with the viewer; us. But our heads are turned curiously towards the Empress...hence the shift of the skull. Wow, and yes, I just went and stood in front of a mirror, tee hee hee!

Thirteen, I'd just like to say how excited I am about your own enthusiasm for this deck!!! Your giddiness and fortitude at delving into this sumptuous deck keeps on inspiring me to do the same with renewed energy! When I have the time finally in my evenings to myself, to studying tarot, I'm sometimes a bit to worn out to gain proper knowledge, but when I run into your posts in this study group, man...I just want to stay up forever. Forever consulting each and every detail in the cards! Woot, good times mate! Thanks for the lovely evening thrills, lol.
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