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Hi, just wanted to second Alyssa's interpertation of the dual heart line. I've always heard that a sister line corrects any defects in the line itself.

I've never seen three heart lines, but have heard of it. Not sure about four or more, that it's even possible. The abscence of the line generally means coldness of heart.

Bars on this line mean disappointments, circles can mean a weak heart in a literal sense. A very long, to the outside of the wrist, means one who is very idealistic. Potential to being unfaithful only shown if very faint and weak and poorly traced.

Braided or chained, a natural flirt, not necessarily a cheater. Downward branches, love disappointments, could be platonic or not. Frayed, love worries.

Heart line color should be pink. Too white, heart diseases. Too yellow, possible liver problems. Very red, tendency for passion to the point of violence.

Like Dark Eyes has said, forks add strength to the line , see where they branch to. Overall, a thick, even braided line is preferable to a thin, long heart line, best if it jumps out at you.

Alyssa, not true for me, but other people have told me that they see their heart line change over time, more often than the other major lines. Maybe because emotions do fluctuate, the heart gets broken, then repairs over time is a reason for this.
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