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I should probably also add that I was very influenced in this card by Angela Carter's retelling of Beauty and the Beast in her story, "The Tiger's Bride". In it, the bride actually joins the beast - rather than him becoming human, she becomes a tiger. In our card, I wanted to imply that the woman has decided that she welcomes the werewolf's bite that will also turn her into a werewolf (she knows he won't kill her, but instead will transform her). She is excited, even thrilled, by the thought of unleasing the beast in herself.

This moves the card far more from the traditional Five of Swords, but what I like is that it plays with the fact that we may find the idea of becoming the predator and the victor quite exciting. It invites us to imagine ourselves as the "nasty" character of the Five and asks us how we would feel about that.

I can get a bit obsessed with Angela Carter at times. I seem to leave her writing alone for a few years and then come back to it. She was one of the strong influences on this deck - we perhaps share the same black and very feminist humour at times.
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