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Originally Posted by Hedera
There is a second edition now?
Sounds good!

Is the lamination more matte, by any chance?

I'm in the middle (quite literally, have done about half) of trimming my Pearls of Wisdom right now, and it's such a great deck for it!
Removing the borders really make the colours stand out, they look deeper and more saturated, and at the same time slightly calmer, as well.

It's one of my favorite springtime decks!
Hi Hedera,

See here:

The cards are larger and the lamination is a matte varnish - lovely.
The borders are very, very small and are dark blue so the card image takes up most of the image. There is no copyright mark in the border either.
The small book has been made bigger too.
The whole thing is a great improvement and the images on the cards are much, much easier to see.
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