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All the cards are stunning but a few stand out for me as being rather disturbing in their own wonderful way

1st has to be the LOVERS : Yikes that card just freaks me out, I dont like the expression on her face, she looks mortified & frozen in fear mixed with freaky fascination: makes me shiver. Usually the Lovers is one of my favourite cards, not in this deck!
That 3 of Pentacles is just nightmarish, nuff said!
Next for me is the hideous little dude in the King of Cups, he chills my soul when I look at him.......*knees knocking"
I would not like to run into the little woman in the 10 of Wands, I think she would probably point her bony finger at you & turn you into a small slimy critter & then tread on you.
The 9 of Wands is also a little disturbing, this guy looks a bit crazed & might just lose the plot & run that spear right thru you.
The figure throwing off his shroud in Judgement looks terrifying & he also looks as if he has seen something approaching that makes him wish he was dead (again)
The Knight of Swords looks a heartless swine, he has unmentionable cruelty on his mind, he will entice you & commit hideous atrocities & yes I've dated him too
The Empress is extremely odd, she looks insane, unhinged & unstable & I would not fancy entrusting my child to her care!

There are a number of cards in this deck that are the most beautiful I can every remember seeing, with the most stunning colouring & breathtaking light in them:

Three of Wands
The World
5 of Cups
10 of Swords
6 of Swords
Queen of Cups
The Hanged Man
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