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Bohemian Gothic-Wheel of Fortune

Moonlight pours through the window of a stone cottage. There's a stunning carving of a winged skull on the wall. By candle light, and old woman tells the fortune of a young lady who, evidently, has stopped by after a shopping spree as a parcel dangles from her arm. One hand is gloved. The other is not. She seems quite interested in what the old lady has to tell her.

Very clever this card. We are reading the cards...and the card shows a tarot reader reading the cards. I find this card interesting not only because it suggests the wheel going round and round--and rifts on the idea of telling fortunes for the "wheel of fortune" but also because this deck has a lot of mirrors. It plays on the idea of reflections. All the cards, in a way, are dark mirrors of our reality.

So what else do people see in this card? And how do you think it relates (or doesn't) to the usual message of the Wheel of Fortune about luck, and a change in position?
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