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The Process, Chapter 1, "Beginnings" Study

So this study group is starting to roll. Let's look at chapter one. There is a lot of material here.

Two favorite quotes for me from this chapter:
"Music? Are you going to be singing the readings?"
"History will come later."

At 27 minutes, it is the longest chapter in the book.

Dan looks at many things.

the slippery nature of tarot history

"established" meanings, pros and cons

reading from your voice primarily, written meanings secondarily

the magic inside you (not from the ink and paper)


starting simple on spreads

There's a rich body of concepts to explore and discover, all of it, as far as I can see, is empowering.

Perhaps the best requests Dan makes of the learner are that they consider these two questions.

"Why do you want to read tarot?"


"Why do they come to us?"

The value of these questions is enormous.

What are your thoughts on this chapter?
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