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I remember reading a fairy tale when I was a child about a man who goes into the deepest, darkest forest only to find a lantern with trolls gathered around it. He tries to leave but is mesmerized by the light; so he, too, stares at it until he finally becomes a troll, never to be seen by his family again.
I wish I could remember the whole story but that is what this Hermit card reminds me of.
It speaks of the balance between isolation and enlightenment. People who are isolated from humanity "lose it" as they are left with only their own mind to talk to and the mind implodes. It looks like the light is external to him, while the traditional RWS gives you the feeling of illumination from within. He looks like he is in that painful place that happens just before enlightenment; the darkest before daylight moment. I think Douglas Adams wrote a book called "The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul". I never read it but that phrase just came to mind. I find myself wanting to say "Dude, snap out of it!"
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