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Originally Posted by Jamil
Reading upthread that the figure in the background may be a witch passing her own kind of judgement on the foreground figure, I was reminded of one of my favourite quatrains from Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat:

Shouted at a whore a raucous mullah:
'Drunkard, faithless, a menace you are.'
She replied: 'My lord, I am all you say,
But are you truly all you say you are?'

Which is to say, the card could be a reminder to those who are wanting to dispense justice, to ask themselves who they are that they should do so?
Thank you Jamil for helping me to see how judgmental I was getting about Justice.
Also - the Judge does have one blue and one brown eye. Another comment on how one "views" Justice perhaps!
In the intervening weeks since I first posted on this someone told me something very interesting, "Truth is something that two people agree to, at any time". Very cool. So - do you think both figures in this card agree on what Truth and Justice are?
Also, if you are alone in the forest and there is no one around to confirm it does truth exist?
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